Farewell to Morse Party

Old morse keys and farewell cake
Farewell cake and old morse keys on display at the "Farewell to Morse" party

Standard Issue Junker Key Junker Key Open

The Morse telegraphy service from Australian Maritime Coast Stations closed at 2359UTC 31st January 1999. The transmission was keyed simultaneously from Melbourne/VIM keying transmitters at Sydney, Townsville and Melbourne and from Perth/VIP keying the transmitters at Darwin and Perth.

Text of the final morse transmission
CQ CQ CQ DE VIM/VIS/VIT This is the final Morse transmission from the Telstra Maritime Communications Network. We conclude our final CW watch keeping after 87 years of continuous service with pride and sadness. Telstra, the Australian Maritime Safety Authority and the Bureau of Meteorology wish all seafarers fair winds and following seas. On behalf of the countless souls who would have died but for them, we salute all who have served our profession with skill and dedication through the years. 73s. = 31st January 1999 2359 UTC AR VA
The Transmitters were then switched off for the last time.

Pulling the big switch on the VIS Transmitters

[VIS transmitters go off the air]

Left to right: Peter Hewitson, Lindley Deslandes and Ross Dennis

Last Morse transmission from Perthradio/VIP

Last Morse transmission from VIP

Left to right: John Mace, Keith Walsh and Klaus Haggedorn

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