Stories of the Australian Coastal Radio Service

Aquatic Cows
The shocked crew members saw their vessel going down in the starry night with the 1000 or so wild struggling animals still imprisoned in their pens more...

Night shift Christmas '74
On Christmas morning, 1974 severe tropical cyclone Tracy devasted Darwin. The repercussions were also experienced in Townsville. more...

An unexpected visitor made his presence known whilst operators at Sydneyradio were busy at their keys. more...

It's a small world even on the morse key
Darwin Radio advised us that a P3-Orion and two Beachcraft planes would be sent up at first light, to help us locate the vessel more...

Mask Malarkey
An early morning shock worked faster than a cup of coffee to get the heart started! more...

What's in a name?
Sometimes you have to look over the bows for the answer. more...

Lost off Papua New Guinea
He called in using "Mayday" to say that he was hopelessly lost as he hadn't seen the sun or sky for about 3 days more...

Rescue off the Tasmanian coast
A trawler called in from the south west coast to say that he had a very ill crewman, suspected appendicitis more...

VIS Yacht Rescue
The helicopter was working us on 4125 Khz but the yacht was on 2182 kHz. more...

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