Technical Information

The technical building at the Ningi complex houses the Marconi 10kw transmitters for the Radphone service as well as AWA 1kw transmitters for the GMDSS and DSC service. Additionally the Codan interconnect equipment for the Radphone Direct Dial (RDD) Service and Fleetcoms equipment.

Three large Steerable Log-Periodic Arrays are used as the main transmitting antennas for the radphone service which are backed up by travelling wave dipoles and Conical Monopoles.

The receiving station is located at Bribie Island some ten minutes drive away. Here receiving antennas covering 360 degrees are available by remote control. They consist mainly of switchable 'V' arrays as well as Travelling Wave Dipoles (TWDs) and conical monopoles.

GMDSS Receivers

Each GMDSS distress frequency has a single Codan spot-frequency receiver which is optimally tuned. The operator can switch between local (Ningi) and remote (Bribie Is.) for best reception.

Dansk RX400 HF Communications Receivers

The receivers in use on Radphone are the Dansk RX4000 which are fully synthesized, dual conversion superheterodyne receivers covering the range 100 khz to 29.99999 Mhz in 10hz increments. Modes are AM, CW, RTTY and SSB. The receivers are microprocessor controlled giving user-programmable capabilities such as scanning and memory functions.

Rhode & Schwartz EK890 Receivers

Additional Radphone and GMDSS receivers are the EK890 communications receivers by Rhode & Swartz. These are fully synthesized, microprocessor controlled HF receivers providing scanning, memories, passband tuning, digital AGC and many more features.  

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